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1 . 7 本馬卡比書,他們的母親 SOLOMONIA 和 ELEAZAR 司祭

They all suffered for the purity of the faith of Israel under King Antiochus, called by some "Epiphanos," the "enlightened one" and by others "Epimanis" the "insane one." Because of the great sins in Jerusalem and especially the vying over priestly authority and crimes committed during the occasion of this struggle, God permitted a great calamity on the Holy City. After that, Antiochus wanted by any means to impose upon the Jews the idolatry of the Hellenes in place of their faith in the one living God and he did everything toward this goal. Assisting Antiochus in his intention were some treacherous high priests and other elders of Jerusalem. On one occasion, King Antiochus himself came to Jerusalem and ordered that all Jews eat the meat of swine, contrary to the Law of Moses, for eating pork was an apparent sign that one has disowned the faith of Israel. The elder Eleazar, a priest and one of the seventy translators of the Old Testament into the Greek language [the Septuagint] would not partake of pork. Because of that, Eleazar was tortured and burned. Returning to Antioch, the king took with him the seven sons called the Maccabees and their mother Solomonia. The seven Maccabean brothers were called: Avim, Antonius, Eleazar, Gurius, Eusebon, Achim and Marcellus. Before the eyes of their mother, the wicked king tortured the sons, one by one, ripping the skin from their faces and, afterward, casting them into the fire. They all bravely endured torture and death but they did not disown their faith. Finally, when the mother saw her last son, the three-year old in the fire, she leaped into the flames and was consumed in the fire rendering her soul to God. They all suffered honorably for the faith in the one living God about one hundred eighty years before Christ.
他們都在國王 Antiochus 下面為伊斯[拉爾]。伊利以色列的信念的純淨受苦了, 由一些調用了“ Epiphanos ,”“照亮的一個”並且由其它“ Epimanis ”“發瘋的。”因為在耶路撒冷的大罪惡並且特別竟爭超過司祭的權威和罪行在這斗爭的場合期間進行了, 上帝在神聖的城市上允許了大災禍。在那以後, Antiochus 由任何工具想要在上帝和他朝這個球門做了任何事情的生活的一個代替他們的信念在猶太人之上強加古希臘人的聖像崇拜。在他的意愿的幫助的 Antiochus 是一些耶路撒冷的叛逆的高司祭和其它長輩。在一個上場合, 國王 Antiochus 自己來到了耶路撒冷並且命令了所有的猶太人吃豬的肉, 與摩西的法律相反,為吃豬肉是一個人否認了的一個明顯的跡象伊斯[拉爾]。伊利以色列的信念。Eleazar長老 , 一個司祭並且進希臘的語言的舊約的 70 個遷座者之一 [ 希臘之舊約聖經 ] 將不豬肉參與。因為那, Eleazar 被折磨並且燒。回到安提阿, 國王與他一起帶了被打電話給馬卡比書和他們的母親 Solomonia 的 7 個兒子。7 個 Maccabean 兄弟被打電話給︰Avim , Antonius , Eleazar , Gurius , Eusebon , Achim 和 Marcellus 。在他們的母親的眼睛前, 居心不良的國王折磨了兒子, 一個一個地, 從他們的臉撕破皮膚並且, 后來, 扔他們進火。他們都勇敢忍受了折磨並且死亡但是他們沒否認他們的信念。最後, 當母親看見了她的最後一個兒子時, 在火舊的 3 年, 她跳躍了進火焰並且在使她的靈魂變為到上帝的火被消費。他們都值得尊敬地在生活的一個為信念受苦了在合[利爾]斯托。斯基督前的上帝大約 180 年。


2 . 光榮的十字的行列

This feast was instituted by a mutual agreement of the Greeks and Russians at the time of the Greek Emperor Manuel and the Russian Prince Andrew in commemoration of the simultaneous victories of the Russians over the Bulgarians and the Greeks over the Saracens. In both of these battles, crosses were carried by the armies from which heavenly rays shone. It was therefore instituted that, on August 1, the Cross be carried first to the middle of the Church of the Divine Wisdom [Hagia Sophia] and after that, along the streets for the people to venerate as a commemoration of the miraculous help of the Cross in previous battles. This was not an ordinary cross but the true Honorable Cross which was kept in the church of the imperial court. On July 31, the Honorable Cross was carried from the imperial court to the Church of the Holy Wisdom of God and from there it was carried along the streets for the consecration of the earth and the air. Finally, on August 14, it was again returned to the church of the imperial palace.
這瞻禮被希臘語和俄語的一個相互的協議在希臘的皇帝曼紐爾和俄語的時間開創在同時的勝利的紀念的王子安德魯在 Bulgarians 上的俄語和在撒拉遜人上的希臘語。在兩這些戰斗,十字被天國的光線從其照耀了的軍隊帶。因此被開創, 在 8 月 1 日, 十字首先被帶到神聖的智慧的教會的中間 [ Hagia Sophia ] 並且在那以後,沿著為人民到的街在先前的戰斗作為十字的奇跡的幫助的紀念尊敬。這不是一個平常的十字但是被放在帝國的場的教會的真實的光榮的十字。在 7 月 31 日, 光榮的十字從帝國的場被帶到它為地球和空氣的奉獻沿著街被帶的上帝並且從在那裡的神聖的智慧的教會。最後, 在 8 月 14 日, 它再被回到帝國的宮殿的教會。


3 . 9 位神聖的殉教者

The names of these martyrs were: Leontius, Attus, Alexander, Cindeus, Mnesitheus, Cyriacus, Menaeus, Catunus and Eucleus. Leontius was a carpenter and the others were farmers. Because of their bold confession of the Faith of Christ and because of their destruction of the temple of Artemis, they were cruelly tortured and beheaded in Perga of Pamphylia during the reign of Diocletian and became heirs of the Kingdom of Christ.
這些殉教者的名字是︰Leontius , Attus ,亞力山大, Cindeus , Mnesitheus , Cyriacus , Menaeus , Catunus 和 Eucleus 。Leontius 是一個木匠和其它是農夫。因為他們的合[利爾]斯托。斯基督並且因為他們的月亮與狩獵的女神的堂的破壞的費思的大膽的招供,他們殘忍地在 Diocletian 的朝代期間在 Pamphylia 的 Perga 被折磨並且斬並且成為了合[利爾]斯托。斯基督的王國的繼承人。




The Honorable Cross of Christ

Before it, all honorably prostrate,

By the power of the Cross of Christ

From temptation, we are redeemed.

The Holy Cross is mightier than the demons

And from every earthly king,

From sickness, the Cross saves

And from the assaults of barbarians.
並且從 barbarians 的襲擊。

Prince Andrew, by the power of the Cross
王子安德魯, 由十字的力量

Enslaved lands, saved,
奴役的陸地, 節省,

King Manuel, by the power of the Cross
國王曼紐爾, 由十字的力量

The Saracens, gloriously destroyed.
撒拉遜人, 光榮地破壞了。

From the armies of pagans,

From the tyrannical conquerors,

From all evils demonstrated that

The power of the Cross is mightier.



A weak man usually protects himself by hypocrisy and the strong man protects himself by tyranny. That no man can defend his life before God either by hypocrisy or by tyranny is clearly shown to us by the example of the holy elder Eleazar and King Antiochus. When the tyrannical king brought Eleazar to trial and compelled him to eat pork if he desired to save his life, Eleazar adamantly rejected that. Then some of Eleazar friends handed him a piece of other meat, not swine's meat, begging him to eat that in the presence of the king and the people in order to safeguard both his life and his conscience. The elder refused this offer saying to his friends: "Hypocrisy is not becoming to me an old man to the scandal of many young people." The elder Eleazar was slain in the body but he saved his soul. The punishment of God came upon the tyrannical King Antiochus while he was still living. A dreadful disease from within overcame him and his body swarmed with worms and the stench from his body spread afar. In his despair, the king remembered the shedding of the innocent blood of thousands and thousands of human beings who, by his order, were unmercifully murdered and, frightened of God, he began to confess the one God whom, before that, he persecuted by persecuting His faithful ones. However, heavenly mercy did not manifest itself on him.
一個弱人通常由偽善和強壯的人保護他自己由暴政保護他自己。沒有人能由偽善或由暴政在上帝前保衛他的生活,這清楚地被神聖的Eleazar長老 和國王 Antiochus 的例子給我們顯示出。當暴君的國王把 Eleazar 帶了到試用並且如果他需要了救他的命,強迫了他吃豬肉時, Eleazar 堅定不移地拒絕了那。然後 Eleazar 朋友的一些遞給了他一另外的肉, 不豬的肉, 懇求他面對國王和人民吃那以便都保衛他的生活和他的良心。長輩拒絕了向他的朋友說的這項提議︰“偽善不正在成為一個老人到我到許多年輕人的丑事。”Eleazar 在身體但是他被殺死的長輩節省了他的靈魂。當他仍然是時,上帝的懲罰在暴君的國王 Antiochus 之上來了生活。可怕的疾病從在內從他的在遠處被散布的身體與蠕虫和惡臭克服了他和他的身體 swarmed 。在他的絕望, 國王記得了千的無罪的血和幾千個人流誰, 由他的訂單, 過分地被謀殺並且, 上帝害怕了, 他開始了承認一個上帝誰, 在那前,他由迫害他的忠誠的迫害了。然而, 天國的仁慈沒在他上表明自己。



To contemplate the punishment of God upon Israel (Judges 10):
沉思在伊斯[拉爾]。伊利以色列之上的上帝的懲罰 ( 法官 10 ) ︰

1. How the Israelites committed that which was evil before the Lord, worshipping the Syrian, Sidonian and Moabite idols and others;
1 . 猶太人怎麼進行了那它在主前是邪惡的, 禮拜砰敘利亞, 西頓人和默阿布人聖像和其它;

2. How the Lord handed them over in bondage to the Philistines who, for eighteen years, trampled upon them and crushed them;
2 . 主怎麼在在奴役上傳遞了他們到敵人, 有 18 年的時間,在他們之上踐踏了並且壓碎了他們;

3. How dreadful is the Lord toward apostates from the yrue Faith.
3 . 怎麼可怕是朝從 yrue 費思的背教者的主。



About prophetic visions


"The vision of Isaiah, the son of Amos" (Isaiah 1:1).
“艾賽爾的視覺, 阿摩司的兒子” ( 艾賽爾 1:1 ) 。

He who has understanding can know the one and true God. He, who is without understanding, let him listen to the one who understands and the one who understands and the other [who listens] will be saved. It is possible to clearly know God from created nature and still more clearly, from the inspired men of God and most clearly from the Lord Christ. The inspired men of God before Christ were the prophets. Among the first was Isaiah, the son of Amos. The Spirit of God opened his sight and he saw that which other men did not see. That is why he called his message to his people "a vision" [or apparition]. How the prophets saw the heavenly mysteries and the mysteries of future events cannot be described: that can only be experienced by those to whom God gives that gift.
有理解他能知道一個和真實的上帝。他, 沒有理解, 讓他聽一個理解並且一個理解並且其它 [ 聽 ] 將被節省。,是可能的清楚地清楚地從創造的天性和靜止的更多知道上帝, 從啟發的神職人員和大多數清楚地從主合[利爾]斯托。斯基督。在合[利爾]斯托。斯基督前的啟發的神職人員是先知。在之中第一是艾賽爾, 阿摩司的兒子。另外的人沒看見的他的視力和他看見了那的打開的上帝的神。那是他把消息稱為到他的人“視覺”的原因 [ 或鬼怪 ] 。先知怎麼看見了未來事件的天國的謎和謎,不能被描述︰那能僅僅被上帝給那件禮品到其的那些經歷。

The visions of the holy prophets are true, for those words and those heavenly appearances from these visions, have actually been confirmed later on. They are true because they served for the good of men, turning them from evil to good. Furthermore, they are true because the prophets fearlessly declared them without regard of the suffering which befell them and even without regard for the bitter death which many of them suffered.
神聖的先知的視覺是真實的, 為從這些視覺的那些詞和那些天國的外觀,實際上晚些時候被証實了。因為他們服役了為,他們是真實的好人,從魔鬼轉他們到好。而且, 因為先知勇敢地沒有承受哪個降臨了他們的問候聲明了他們,他們是真實的並且甚至不管哪個他們的許多受苦了的痛苦的死亡。

What did Isaiah receive from the world and from men for his visions? Riches or honor or an exalted calling? The Jews sawed him in half! This is the riches, this is the honor and this is the glory of the prophet to suffer for the truth of God!
艾賽爾為他的視覺從世界並且從人收到了甚麼?富人或榮譽或一擢升了打電話?猶太人在一半鋸了他﹗這是富人, 這是榮譽並且這是為上帝的真相受苦的先知的光榮﹗

Therefore, let us listen to the prophets of God for they are the paths that lead to the city of the Great King; they are the rays of the Sun of Righteousness Christ which on a distant sphere illumines men with the heavenly light, pointing out the Sun to them.
因此, 因為他們是導致偉大的國王的城市的路徑,讓我們聽上帝的先知;他們是與天國的光在一個遠范圍上照亮人的正直合[利爾]斯托。斯基督的孫的光線, 指出孫到他們。

O Lord Christ, Who revealed Yourself through the prophets and prepared the way for Your descent into our valley, help us. Help us to recognize Your light and Your providence in Your holy prophets.
哦!主啊合[利爾]斯托。斯基督, 通過先知揭示了你自己並且為你的降下準備了方法進我們的山谷, 幫助我們。幫助我們在你的神聖的先知認出你的燈和你的遠見。

To Thee be glory and praise forever. Amen.