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1 . 神聖的EUSIGNIUS殉教者

Eusignius served as a soldier under Emperor Maximian, Emperor Constantine the Great and under Constantine's sons. He was present during the torturing of the holy female martyr Basiliscus [May 22]. He saw myriads of angels and the Lord Jesus Himself as He received the soul of this holy martyr from the angels. Eusignius fought under Emperor Constantine and saw the Cross which appeared to the emperor. He served in the army for sixty full years and during the reign of Constantine's sons resigned from military service and settled in Antioch, the place of his birth. There, he lived a god-pleasing life in fasting, prayer and good works. During the time of Julian the Apostate, two men who were arguing on the street asked him to be their judge. He dispensed justice to the correct one and the man at fault became angry and went to the emperor and accused Eusignius of being a Christian. The emperor summoned Eusignius to court but he strongly denounced the emperor for his apostasy from the Faith and reproached him with the shining example of Constantine the Great. The enraged Julian ordered that he be beheaded. Eusignius was martyred at a ripe old age in the year 362 A.D. and took up habitation in the Kingdom of Heaven.
Eusignius 在皇帝 Maximian 下面用作了一位戰士, 皇帝康斯坦丁大並且在康斯坦丁的兒子下面。他在神聖的女性的Basiliscus殉教者 折磨期間在場 [5 月 22 日 ] 。當他從天神收到了這位神聖的殉教者的靈魂,他自己看見了天神和主伊伊穌。斯耶穌的無數。Eusignius 在皇帝康斯坦丁下面戰斗了並且看見了在皇帝看來了的十字。他為 60 全年並且在康斯坦丁的從兵役被辭職了並且在安提阿安定了的兒子的朝代期間在軍隊服役了, 他的出生的地方。在那裡, 他在齋戒,禱告和好工作過著 god-pleasing 的生活了。在朱利安的時間期間背教者, 在街上正在爭論的 2 個人要求了他是他們的法官。他分配了公正到正確的一個和人出錯變得了生氣並且去了皇帝並且控告了 Eusignius 是一克裡斯琴。皇帝召集了 Eusignius 到場但是他強烈從費思為他的背教告發了皇帝並且與康斯坦丁的照耀的例子責備了他大。激怒的朱利安命令了他被斬。Eusignius 是在在一年的成熟的老年的市場年 362 A.D 並且在天堂的王國收起了居住。


2 . 費邊社的司祭殉教者, [羅爾]瑪的教皇

Fabian was a Roman by birth. At first, he was a village priest and, after that, during the election of a pope, when a white dove descended upon him, he was chosen pope. Fabian was meek and kind. With great diligence, he gathered the bodies of the holy martyrs and buried them with honor and built churches over their graves. In the same manner, he built shrines and chapels in the caves where the martyrs hid during the time of bitter persecution. He baptized Emperor Philip and his son Philip, the heir to the throne and, with the help of the baptized senator Pontius, destroyed many idols and idolatrous temples. When the wicked Decius was crowned emperor, a terrible persecution of Christians began during which St. Fabian suffered and was beheaded in the year 250 A.D. This holy Fabian established the custom of consecrating Holy Myron [Chrism] on Holy and Great Thursday.
費邊社是由出生的一個[羅爾]瑪人。最初, 他是一個村莊司祭並且, 在那以後, 在一個教皇的選舉期間, 當一只白鴿子在他之上下降了時,他被選教皇。費邊社是適中並且客氣的。與大勤勉,他收集了神聖的殉教者的身體並且與榮譽埋葬了他們並且在他們的墳上造了教會。在一樣的方式,他在殉教者在痛苦的迫害的時間期間隱蔽了的洞造了神殿和小教會。他給某人施洗禮了皇帝肥利。普腓利和他的兒子肥利。普腓利, 到王位的繼承人並且, 在給某人施洗禮的參議員 Pontius 的幫助下,破壞了許多聖像和崇拜聖像的堂。居心不良的 Decius 是甚麼時候,使皇帝圓滿了,合[利爾]斯托。斯基督教的可怕的迫害費邊社的聖在哪個期間受苦了並且在一年被斬開始了 250 A.D 這神聖費邊社建立了奉獻神聖的邁倫的習俗 [ 聖油 ] 在神聖並且大的星期四。


3 . 神聖的PONTIUS殉教者 , 參議員

Pontius was the son of Senator Marcus and his wife Julia. The barren Julia conceived after twenty-two years of marriage and gave birth to Pontius. He was baptized by Pope Pontian along with his friend Valerius, his biographer, and succeeded to convert his father Marcus, the Emperor Philip with his son and many other distinguished Romans to the Faith of Christ. As a senator, he greatly protected and assisted the Church and was a good friend of Pope Fabian. When the persecution began under Decius, Pontius escaped from Rome and hid in the foothills of the Alpine mountains [Cimella Cimez, France]. During the reigns of Valerian and Galiena he was captured and subjected to harsh tortures during which many miracles of God were manifested and many converted to Christ. There happened to be many Jews there who cried out to the judge: "Kill him, kill him immediately, this magician." To this, St. Pontius raised his hands to heaven and said: "I thank You my God that the Jews even cry out against me as their fathers did once cried out against Christ: 'Crucify Him, crucify Him.' " Pontius was beheaded in the year 257 A.D. and was buried by his friend Valerius.
Pontius 是參議員馬庫斯和他的妻子朱莉婭的兒子。貧瘠的朱莉婭在婚姻的 22 年以後構思了並且生產了 Pontius 。他被教皇 Pontian 與他的朋友 Valerius 一起給某人施洗禮, 他的傳記作家, 並且成功了變換他的父親馬庫斯, 與他的兒子和許多其它一起的皇帝肥利。普腓利區分了[羅爾]瑪人到合[利爾]斯托。斯基督的費思。作為一個參議員,他極大地保護了並且幫助了教會並且是費邊社的教皇的一個好朋友。當迫害在 Decius 下面開始了時, Pontius 逃離了[羅爾]瑪並且在高山的山的山麓丘陵隱蔽了 [ Cimella Cimez , 法國 ] 。在纈草屬植物和他被捕獲的 Galiena 並且經上帝的奇跡在此許多期間被表明的嚴厲的折磨和許多的朝代期間變換了到合[利爾]斯托。斯基督。碰巧在那裡是許多猶太人在那裡驚呼了到法官︰“殺死他, 很快地殺死他, 這個魔術師。”到這,聖 Pontius 舉手了到天堂並且說︰“我謝謝我的當他們的父親做了,猶太人甚至對我驚呼的上帝曾經對合[利爾]斯托。斯基督驚呼了︰“把他釘在十字架上, 把他釘在十字架上 . ”“ Pontius 在一年被斬 257 A.D 並且被他的朋友埋葬 Valerius 。


4 . 聖人 NONNA

Nonna was the mother of St. Gregory the Theologian. As a Christian, she possessed powerful and miracle-working prayer. By her prayer to God, she converted her husband from heathen stupidity to the Christian Faith. Her husband Gregory later became a bishop in the town of Nazianzus. By prayer Nonna saved her son Gregory the Theologian from a storm. She died peacefully as a deaconess in the year 374 A.D.
Nonna 是聖額我略的母親神學家。作為一克裡斯琴,她擁有了有力並且工作奇跡禱告。由她的到上帝的禱告,她從異教徒愚蠢變換了丈夫到克裡斯琴•法斯。她的丈夫額我略以後在 Nazianzus 的鎮成為了一個主教。由禱告 Nonna 從暴風雨省去了她的兒子額我略神學家。她和平地在一年作為一件女輔祭執事死了 374 A.D 。




Pontius, with his companion Valerian, walked,
Pontius , 與他的同伴纈草屬植物,走,

But, with sorrow, his heart was overcome.
但是, 與悲傷,他的心是克服。

His father, a senator, his mother also a senator,
他的父親, 一個參議員, 他的也溺愛一個參議員,

But, a bitter enigma, torments his soul;
但是, 一個痛苦的謎, 折磨他的靈魂;

All worldly wisdom, a fable, to him seemed,
所有的世間的智慧, 一個寓言, 似乎了到他,

O, where is truth? Truth, he asked for.
喔!真相在哪兒?真相, 他要求了。

Thus, both walked, absorbed in thought
這樣, 兩個走了, 專心於了思維

At eventide, along side a Christian church;

Into the church entered and beheld glowing,

Beheld glowing and heard chanting:

Of silver and gold, the gods of the people are

And eyes, have they blind as mud, are they
並且眼睛, 有他們作為泥使失明, 他們

And ears, have they deaf as a rock are they,
並且耳朵, 有他們聾當岩石是他們,

And mouths, have they but the mouths are mute.
並且嘴, 他們但是嘴是啞的。

Weaker than oneself, the weak ones created,
比自己弱, 弱的創造了,

That is why their creator, as such will also be
是為甚麼他們的創造者, 也作為如此的愿望

And all of them in order, that to them bow down
並且他們的所有有序, 下面鞠躬到他們

And foolishly hope in lifeless things

Two sorrowful young men, two slaves of the idols,
2 個傷心的年輕的人, 聖像的 2 個奴隸,

Heard these words, both trembled,
聽見了這些詞, 都抖動了,

Then, the image [icon] of Christ, approached,
然後, 聖像 [ 聖像 ] 合[利爾]斯托。斯基督,來臨,

To the honorable priest, entrusted their hearts,

What the truth faith is, the priest told them,
真相信念是甚麼, 司祭告訴了他們,

And idolatrous service, what it is: vacuous and bloody.
並且崇拜聖像的服務, 它是甚麼︰空並且流血。

Into the church entered, two young noblemen,
進進入的教會, 2 年輕的高貴人,

Renown and respected throughout the city of Rome,

Into the church entered, sad and sorrowful,

From the church departed, radiant and joyful.



This is how Valerian begins the biography of his companion, St. Pontius: "Who can believe, if God does not grant it? Who can lead a life of asceticism, if the Lord does not help? Who can receive the wreath of martyrdom, if Christ does not give it?" God can do all and God wills all that is for the salvation of men, if only men pray to Him. By prayer, St. Nonna converted her husband Gregory and her son, Gregory the Theologian, to Christianity. By prayer, Monica brought Augustine back from a wayward life to the path of good works and faith. By prayer, St. Basil converted his teacher Evulios. By prayer, King Hezekiah prolonged his life for fifteen years. By prayer, St. Simeon the Stylite turned back the Persians and Scythians that they not attack the land of Greece with an army already prepared. Furthermore, all the stars in the heavens will be more readily counted then all the miracles worked on earth by prayer.
這是纈草屬植物怎麼開始他的同伴的傳記, 聖 Pontius ︰“誰能相信, 如果上帝不同意它?誰能過禁欲主義的生活, 如果主不幫助?誰能收到殉教的花環, 如果合[利爾]斯托。斯基督不給它?”上帝能做所有和上帝為人的救助的愿望, 真希望人向他祈禱。由禱告, 聖 Nonna 變換了她的丈夫額我略和她的兒子, 額我略神學家, 到合[利爾]斯托。斯基督教。由禱告,蒙妮卡從任性的生活帶回來了奧思定奧思定奧古斯丁到好工作和信念的路徑。由禱告,聖巴西略變換了他的教師 Evulios 。由禱告,國王 Hezekiah 有 15 年的時間延長了他的生活。由禱告,合[利爾]斯托。斯基督教苦行者轉回去了的聖 Simeon 波斯人和他們不與一支軍隊一起攻擊希臘的陸地的 Scythians 已經準備了。而且, 在天堂的所有的星將是樂意地被數了然後所有的奇跡工作了的更多在地球上由禱告。



To contemplate the miraculous strength of Samson (Judges 14):
沉思參孫的奇跡的力量 ( 法官 14 ) ︰

1. How the Spirit of the Lord came upon him so that he was able to tear lions apart with his hands and to snap the rope by which he was bound and slew many Philistines;
1 . 主的神怎麼在他之上來了以便他能分開用他的手撕獅子並且猛咬他由其固定並且旋轉的繩許多敵人;

2. How the Spirit of the Lord withdrew from him [Samson] when he confided the secret of his strength to a heathen woman [Delilah] and was then slain [Judges 16].
2 . 主的神怎麼從他撤退了 [ 參孫 ] 當他吐露了他的力量的秘密到一個異教徒女人時 [ 女誘騙者 ] 並且是然後殺死 [ 法官 16 ] 。



About how God whitens the repentant sinners


"Though your sins be like scarlet, they may be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool" (Isaiah 1:18).
“盡管你的罪惡象猩紅一樣,他們可以象雪一樣白;盡管他們象梅紅一樣是紅的,他們將作為羊毛“ ( 艾賽爾 1:18 ) 。

O, the boundless mercy of God! In His greatest wrath upon the faithless and ungrateful people, upon the people "laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters" (Isaiah 1:4), as "princes [rulers] of Sodom" (Isaiah 1:10) and upon the people who have become as the "people of Gomorrah" (Isaiah 1:10) - in such wrath, the Lord does not abandon mercy but rather calls them to repentance. Just as after terrible lightnings, a gentle rain falls. Such is the Lord long-suffering [patient] and full of mercy and "neither will He keep His anger forever" (Psalm 103:9). Only if sinners cease to commit evil and learn to do good and turn to God with humility and repentance they will become "white as snow." The Lord is mighty and willing. No one, except Him, is able to cleanse the sinful soul of man from sin and, by cleansing, to whiten it. No matter how often linen is washed in water with ashes and soap, no matter how often it is washed and rewashed, it cannot receive whiteness until it is spread under the light of the sun. Thus, our soul cannot become white, no matter how often we cleanse it by our own effort and labor even with the help of all legal means of the law until we, at last, bring it beneath the feet of God, spread out and opened wide so that the light of God illumines it and whitens it. The Lord condones and even commends all of our labor and effort, i.e., He wants us to bathe our soul in tears, by repentance to constrain it by the pangs of the conscience to press it, to clothe it with good deeds and in the end of ends, He calls us to Him: "Come now," says the Lord, "and let us reason together" (Isaiah 1:18). That is, I will look at you and I will see if there is Me in you and you will look upon Me as in a mirror and you will see what kind of person you are.
喔!上帝的無窮的仁慈﹗在他的在不可靠並且徙勞的人之上的最大的大怒, 在人民之上“載滿不公正, 為惡者的一粒種子, 是賄賂嗯的孩子” ( 艾賽爾 1:4 ) ,當“王子 [ 統治者 ] 罪惡之地” ( 艾賽爾 1:10 ) 並且在作為“蛾摩拉城的人”成為了的人民之上 ( 艾賽爾 1:10 )- 在如此的大怒,主不放棄仁慈但是呼叫他們到悔悟。就作為在可怕的閃電以後,輕輕的雨掉落。如此的是堅忍的主 [ 病人 ] 並且充滿仁慈並且“他將也不永遠堅持憤怒” ( 聖詠 103:9 ) 。僅當罪人們停止進行魔鬼並且學習做好並且與謙卑和他們將成為的悔悟轉到上帝“作為雪的白人。”主是有力並且愿意的。沒有人, 除了他, 能從罪惡清潔人的有罪的靈魂並且, 由清潔,使白它。不管粗布怎麼經常與灰和肥皂在水裡被洗, 不管它怎麼經常被洗並且重新洗, 它不能收到白色直到它在太陽的光下面被散布。這樣, 我們的靈魂不能變得白, 不管我們怎麼經常甚至在法律的所有的合法的工具的幫助下由我們的自己的努力和勞動清潔它直到我們, 最後, 在上帝的腳下方帶它,展開並且開寬以便上帝的光照亮它並且使白它。主寬恕並且甚至贊揚我們的勞動和努力的所有,即,他想要我們洗澡我們的在眼淚的靈魂,由由良心的使劇痛抑製它壓它的悔悟,與好行為給它穿衣服並且最後結束,他打電話給我們到他︰“現在來,”主說,“並且讓我們一起推理” ( 艾賽爾 1:18 ) 。那是, 我將看你並且我將看是否在你有我並且當,你將在我之上看將在一面鏡子和你看你是甚麼樣的人。

O Lord, slow to anger, have mercy on us before the last wrath of that Dreadful Day.
哦!主啊, 變慢觸怒, 在那可怕的天的最後大怒前在我們上有仁慈。

To Thee be glory and praise forever. Amen.