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1 . 可敬的女性的 MACRINA

Macrina was the eldest sister of St. Basil the Great and St. Gregory of Nyssa. As a young virgin, Macrina was bethrothed to a nobleman. When her betrothed died, Macrina vowed never to enter into marriage saying: "It is not right for a maiden once betrothed to a young man to seek another: according to the law of nature there must be only one marriage as there is but one birth and one death." She further justified this by her faith in the resurrection considering her bridegroom, not dead but alive in God. "It is a sin and a shame," says Macrina, "for a wife not to safeguard her faithfulness when her husband travels to a distant land." After this, together with her mother, Emilia, she received the monastic tonsure in a convent, where they lived a life of asceticism with other nuns. They lived from the labors of their hands devoting a greater part of their time to godly thoughts, prayer and the constant uplifting of their minds to God. In time her mother died and, afterward her brother Basil. Nine months after the death of St. Basil, Gregory came to visit with his sister and found her on her death bed. Before her death, Macrina lifted up her prayers to God: "You, O Lord, Who gives rest to our bodies in the sleep of death for a time, will again awaken them [the bodies] at the last trump. Forgive me and when my soul divests itself of its bodily attire and presents itself before You, pure and without sin, grant that it may be as incense before You." After that she traced the sign of the cross on the forehead, eyes, face and on her heart and gave up her soul. She found rest in the Lord in the year 379 A.D.
Macrina 是聖巴西略的最大的姐妹大並且 Nyssa 的聖額我略。作為一個年輕的童女, Macrina 是到一個貴族的 bethrothed 。甚麼時候她的訂親死, Macrina 發誓了永不進入說的婚姻︰“一旦訂親了到一個年輕的人尋求另外一個,它不為一個少女是正確的︰當有,根據自然的法律必須僅僅有一婚姻但是一出生和出生死亡。”她進一步在考慮她的新郎的複活由她的信念認為這正當了, 不死了但是活著在上帝。“它是罪惡和恥辱,”Macrina 說,“為一個妻子不保衛她的忠誠當她的丈夫旅行到遠陸地時。”在這以後, 和她的母親, Emilia , 她在一個女修道會收到了修道士剃發, 他們在此生活了與另外的尼姑的禁欲主義的生活。他們從他們的把他們的時間的更大的部分奉獻給虔誠的想法,禱告和他們的頭腦高舉到上帝的常數的手的勞動生活了。及時她的母親死了並且, 后來她的兄弟巴西略。在聖巴西略的死亡以後的 9 個月, 額我略與他的姐妹一起來到了訪問並且在她的死亡床上發現了她。在她的死亡前, Macrina 在她的禱告上面提起了到上帝︰“你,哦!主啊, 在一時間在死亡的睡覺把休息給我們的身體, 將再喚醒他們 [ 身體 ] 在最後王牌。原諒我並且甚麼時候我的它的在你前的身體的服裝和禮品自己的靈魂 divests 自己, 純並且沒有罪惡,它可以作為在你前的香氣的資助。”在以後她在前額上跟蹤了十字的症狀, 眼睛, 臉並且在她的心上並且放棄了她的靈魂。她在一年在主發現休息 379 A.D 。


2 . 可敬的 DIUS

Dius was born of Christian parents in Antioch, Syria. From his youth, he was taught by godly-inspired men in the monastic life and in asceticism. Since he persevered in a lengthy and laborious battle with the devil and passions of the flesh, God endowed Dius with the great gift of working miracles. In his prayers he, most often, turned to the Holy Trinity. He performed great and awesome miracles through the power of his prayers: he caused a withered staff to blossom, a dry well to be replenished with water and an unbelieving man he struck dead and then resurrected him again. After two brief heavenly visions, Dius departed from Antioch and settled in Constantinople where, in the proximity of the city, he continued his life of asceticism. His fame spread rapidly and even Emperor Theodosius the Younger visited him to receive counsel from him and Patriarch Atticus persuaded and ordained him a presbyter. Having lived for many years, Dius began to prepare for death, received Holy Communion, instructed the brethren, lay down on his bed and died before the eyes of all. The news of his death drew many people; even Patriarch Atticus came with Alexander, the Patriarch of Antioch. When they were about to bury him, he suddenly arose as though awakening from sleep and said: "God has given me fifteen more years of this life." St. Dius lived for exactly fifteen years and led many to the path of salvation, healed many, helped many in various misfortunes and needs and finally gave up his soul to the Lord, Whom he faithfully served all his life. He died in the year 430 A.D. in extreme old age.
Dius 在安提阿克裡斯琴父母出生, 敘利亞。從他的少年,他被虔誠啟發人在修道士生活並且在禁欲主義教。自從他與肉的魔鬼和熱情堅持了一場過長並且勤勞的戰斗,上帝賦予了 Dius 以工作的奇跡的大禮品。在他的禱告他, 最經常, 轉到了神聖的聖三一。他通過他的禱告的力量施行了大並且令人驚畏的奇跡︰他引起了一位凋謝的職員到花, 與水和他打擊了的一個不相信的人被填滿的一口干燥的井死了並且然後複興他再。在 2 簡短的天國的視覺以後, Dius 離開了安提阿並且在土耳其都市安定了, 在城市的最近,他繼續禁欲主義的生活。他的名聲快並且甚至散布皇帝 Theodosius 更年輕訪問了他從他和 Atticus 說服了並且製定的主教皇收到法律顧問他一個發起人。有許多年的時間生活了, Dius 開始了為死亡準備,收到了神聖的共享,指示了兄弟們, 在他的床上躺下並且在所有的眼睛前死了。他的死亡的新聞拉了許多人;甚至主教皇 Atticus 與亞力山大來了, 安提阿的主教皇。當他們準備埋葬他時,他突然產生了好像從睡覺醒來並且說︰“上帝給了我這生活的 15 更多的年。”聖 Dius 有確切 15 年的時間生活了並且領導了許多到救助的路徑, 愈合的許多, 在各種各樣的不幸和需要幫助了許多並且最後放棄了他的靈魂到主, 他忠實地一輩子為誰服務了。他在一年死了在極端的老年的 430 A.D 。


3 . 史蒂芬的紀念高

Stephen was the son of the Serbian Prince Lazarus and Princess Militza. He was a protector of Christianity in the Balkans during most difficult times. He was the founder of the beautiful monumental monasteries of Manasija and Kalenich. After many labors and troubles he died on July 19, 1427 A.D.
史蒂芬是塞爾維亞的王子乞丐和米利察公主的兒子。他是在在最困難的時間期間的巴爾干的合[利爾]斯托。斯基督教的一個保護者。他是 Manasija 和 Kalenich 的美麗的巨大的修道院的創始人。在許多勞動和麻煩以後他在 1427 年 7 月 19 日死了 A.D 。



神聖並且可敬的 DIUS

From early youth to extreme old age

The miracles of God's mercy, Dius counted,
上帝的仁慈的奇跡, Dius 數了,

God's mercy and God's justice.

Night and day, Dius directed his thoughts
日夜, Dius 指導了他的想法

In the divine light, in the divine paths,

Repelling passions and demons bitter.

What is a human being? As a murky water

That the image of the heavenly firmament does not accept.

Can the murky water transparent become,

That in it heaven can be mirrored?

It can, Dius claims, with the walk of the saints,
它能, Dius 宣稱, 與聖人的散步,

But, with the help of the Cross of Christ the Savior.
但是, 在合[利爾]斯托。斯基督的十字的幫助下救世主。

The Cross, in the heart place, in the midst of your being,
十字, 在心地方,在你的是的中央,

Affix to it your thought and God you will see

And the water murky cleared up will be,

And until now, miracles unseen you will see.



One of the most beautiful adornments of a woman is her modesty and immodesty in a woman is the most unnatural and most repulsive spectacle in the world. A wonderful example of feminine modesty was shown by St. Macrina in her life. In her youth, a bitter wound opened up on her breast; even though her mother counseled her to show the wound to a doctor and seek a remedy, Macrina did not agree to it. She had completely dedicated herself to God and would not allow even the thought of exposing her body before men and not even before her own mother. One evening Macrina earnestly prayed to God; from her eyes tears flowed, which fell to the dust before her. With unwavering confidence in her Lord, with her fingers she mixed the dust with her tears and with that anointed her wound. The next day she awakened healthy. When her mother, with great sorrow entered to see her daughter, Macrina did not want to reveal that the Lord healed her (out of humility, concealing the miracle which she herself performed through her prayer) but begged her mother saying: "I will be healed, my mother, if you place your right hand on my bosom and make the sign of the cross over the spot of the wound." The mother reached out her hand and made the sign of the cross over that spot but did not feel the wound anymore but only the scar of the healed wound. Thus did St. Macrina conceal her body out of modesty and her miracle-working out of humility.
一個女人的最美麗的裝飾之一是她的謙遜並且在一個女人的不慎是最奇異並且最排斥的在世界的景色。婦女的謙遜的一個奇妙的例子被聖 Macrina 在她的生活顯示出。在她的少年, a bitter wound 在她的乳房上開創了;盡管她的母親建議了她給一位醫生顯示出創傷並且尋求一項治療措施, Macrina 沒同意它。她完全把她自己奉獻了給上帝並且將不甚至允許想到了在男人前暴露她的身體並且不甚至以前她的自己的母親。一晚上 Macrina 認真地向上帝祈禱了;從她的眼淚流動了的眼睛,它在她前塵土開始了。與在她的主的不動搖的信心,用她的她混合了的手指與她一起的塵土撕並且與那涂油於了她的創傷。明天她醒來了健康。甚麼時候她的母親, 與被進入了看見她的女兒的大悲傷, Macrina 沒想要揭示主愈合了她的 ( 從謙卑,隱蔽她自己通過她的禱告施行了的奇跡 ) 但是請求了她的說的母親︰“我將被愈合, 我的母親, 如果你把右手放在我的胸上並且在創傷的點上做十字的症狀。”母親伸出了她的手並且在那上做了十字的症狀看到但是沒再但是僅僅感到創傷愈合的創傷的疤。這樣聖 Macrina 從謙卑從謙遜和她的工作奇跡隱蔽了她的身體。



To contemplate the miraculous prophesying of Balaam (Numbers 23, 24):
沉思奇跡不可靠的預言人預言 ( 第 23 期, 24 ) ︰

  1. How Balaam came to curse the people of Israel at the invitation of Prince Balak;
    1 . 不可靠的預言人怎麼來在王子 Balak 的邀請詛咒伊斯[拉爾]。伊利以色列的人民;
  2. How instead of cursing, Balaam blesses the people, being directed to do so by the Spirit of God;
    2 . 怎麼而不詛咒, 不可靠的預言人祝福人民, 被指導這樣由上帝的神做;
  3. How Balaam prophesied about Christ saying: "A star shall rise out of Jacob and a rod will rise up out of Israel" (Numbers 24:17).
    3 . 不可靠的預言人怎麼關於說的合[利爾]斯托。斯基督預言了︰“一個明星將從雅格布起床並且杆將在從伊斯[拉爾]。伊利以色列上面升起” ( 數字 24:17 ) 。



About apostolic love and discernment


"Moreover I will endeavor that you may be able after my decease to have these things always in remembrance" (2 Peter 1:15).
“而且我將努力你可以在我的總是在記憶有這些事情的死亡以後有能力” ( 2 撇。特爾彼得 1:15 ) 。

Brethren, let your hearts be opened, to receive and to understand this great mystery. Primarily, the apostle says that he will not be slothful in reminding the faithful of the salvific truths of the Faith; of the divine power which was given to mankind through Christ the Lord and for the preparing of men to receive this divine power "escaping from the corruption that is in the world through lust" (1 Peter 1:4).
兄弟們, 讓你的心被打開, 收到並且理解這個大謎。首先, 宗徒說他將不在提醒是懶惰的忠誠費思的 salvific 真相;“通過合[利爾]斯托。斯基督被給定主到人類的神聖的力量並且為人準備收到這個神聖的電源那逃離貪污在通過欲望的世界” ( 1 撇。特爾彼得 1:4 ) 。

Now he goes even further and promises that he will continue this remembrance even after separation, i.e., after my exodus (the word which is used in the Greek text) from this life, when he will "put off this tabernacle, his body" (1 Peter 1:14). O faith divine, O comfort, O sweetness! Even from the other world, the apostle promises to continue his concern for the Church of God on earth, to continue his work once begun to remind the faithful and to continue his love toward those on earth who believe in Christ. O apostolic love, so near to the love of Christ! O apostolic discernment, whose love the Spirit of God does not diminish as long as man is still wrapped in the dark curtain of the flesh!
現在他變甚至更深並且答應他將甚至在分離以後繼續這記憶, 即, 在我的離開以後 ( 在希臘的文章被使用的詞 ) 從這生活,甚麼時候他將“推遲這個住所,他的身體“ ( 1 撇。特爾彼得 1:14 ) 。神聖的 O 信念, O 安逸, O 甜蜜﹗甚至從另外的世界, 宗徒答應為在地球上的上帝的教會繼續他的擔心, 繼續他的曾經被開始提醒的工作忠誠並且朝在地球上的那些繼續他的愛相信合[利爾]斯托。斯基督。O 宗徒的愛, 這樣近到對合[利爾]斯托。斯基督的愛﹗O 宗徒的洞察力, 只要人仍然是,上帝的神其愛不減少,在肉的暗窗帘包了﹗

The Apostle Peter gave this promise to the faithful nearly two thousand years ago. Did he fulfill it? He fulfilled it to the letter, not only as some would like to interpret it, reminding the faithful, not only through his written epistles and through his successors the bishops, but primarily by his constant action within the Church from the other world. The Apostle Peter appeared many times as did the other apostles whenever, according to the Providence of God, there was a need to appear and he reminded the shepherds and the faithful of the Church how they must adhere firmly to the truth and how they should correct the paths of their lives. Even when Peter did not appear to be seen in a dream or openly, he, in a mysterious manner known only to heaven, acted and still acts always, for our salvation.
宗徒撇。特爾彼得把這條諾言給了忠誠將近 2000 年以前。他完成它嗎?他徹底完成了它, 不僅當一些想解釋它, 提醒忠誠, 通過他的寫的書信並且通過他的繼承人主教,但是首先由他的在從另外的世界的教會以內的經常的行動。宗徒撇。特爾彼得多次出現了作為另外的宗徒無論何時,根據上帝的普羅維登斯,有出現並且他提醒了牧人的需要並且忠誠他們必須緊緊地粘住到真相並且他們怎麼應該改正他們的生活的路徑的教會。甚至當撇。特爾彼得沒在看來時在一個夢被看見或公開地, 他,僅僅在一種神秘的方式知道到天堂, 行動並且仍然總是行動, 為我們的救助。

Life after death to the Holy Apostles was as apparent as is the sun to those who have eyes. Though their prayers may God also open our spiritual eyes, to know where we are going and what awaits us after death.
在到神聖的宗徒的死亡以後的生活明顯象一樣是到有的人,看的那些的太陽。盡管他們的禱告上帝可以也張開我們的神的眼睛, 知道在哪兒我們正在去並且甚麼在死亡以後等候我們。

O Lord Jesus, All-merciful, deliver us from the darkness into the light according to Your mercy and through the prayers of Your Holy Apostles.
哦!主啊伊伊穌。斯耶穌, 都仁慈, 根據你的仁慈並且通過你的神聖的宗徒的禱告從黑暗交付我們進光。

To Thee be glory and praise forever. Amen.