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Chinese English Orthodox Christian Dictionary database

You can help update the Chinese English Dictionary of Orthodox Christian terms at, which uses Traditional Chinese (Big5-HKSCS) encoding. Anyone who logs in can help edit or add entries to it. It includes fields for Chinese, English, Greek, Russian and Japanese. Currently, some of the empty spaces are filled in with machine translations. Here is the latest output from the database, and is not formatted into a dictionary layout yet, which can be done once the definitions and terms are completed.

Chinese English dictionary tools

There is a free perl module to the cedict Chinese English dictionary file at CPAN. A sample online dictionary using the perl module is at cidian. We can use a similiar approach to create an online Chinese English Orthodox dictionary. Other general online Chinese - English dictionaries includes:

Online Dictionaries

Knowing the meaning and etymology of the Orthodox terms may help in translating into the target language. Here are some online dictionaries available.

non-Orthodox Dictionaries

Online translation tools